Prohibited Items

Items prohibited from entering Perth Arena include:

  • Alcohol
  • Open drink containers
  • Cans, bottles or containers
  • Musical instruments such as whistles/horns/drums and vuvuzela type of noise making devices
  • Weapons/knives/Fireworks/flares/laser lights/laser pointers/glowsticks
  • Chains/large spiked wrist or neck bands/spiked or studded belts
  • Bicycles/rollerblades/skateboards or scooters
  • Prams/pushers/strollers or baby carriers
  • External food, chewing gum, eskies, boxes
  • Large flags or unauthorised signage or promotional products, signs may not be larger than 1m x 1m in size or with handles longer than 50cm in length.
  • Selfie Sticks
  • E-cigarettes
  • Pens/Felt tip markers or aerosol cans
  • Tennis balls/ golf balls / footballs / basketballs or the like
  • Animals (apart from registered assistance dogs)
  • Backpacks and bags other than ladies handbags or bags of similar size
  • Chairs/stools
  • Any other item that in the opinion of Perth Arena Management could cause harm or public nuisance such as large / golf umbrellas

Note: There will be times when the artist also restricts the entry of other items, please check event information before arriving.

Smoking notice: Perth Arena is a non-smoking venue and smoking within the venue is prohibited. This includes E cigarettes and other electronic imitations or simulation devices. A designated smoking area is available for all events.




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